8:00 pm20:00

Illuminationen Nr. 1: Serbien / Arciorgano

Vicentino writes about his Arciorgano that this instrument is capable of connection various cultures with different musical languages, because of its unique and universal tuning system. In this concert traditional Serbian music, performed by the specialised vocal group around Dragana Tomič, will be confronted with the arciorgano. New pieces, written for this one-of-a-kind combination will be performed. Hayden Chisholm bridges the vocal and instrumental sound worlds. 

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7:30 pm19:30

Duo Keller / Schnider

Keyboardist Johannes Keller and harpist Vera Schnider explore the possibilities of the Studio31+ instruments (Arciorgano and Clavemusicum Omnitonum) in combination with the triple harp. These instruments unlock new perspectives on keyboard and polyphonic repertoire of the early 17th century. Arrangements of otherwise unplayable pieces will be developed especially for this concert programme. 

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to 11 Jun


Staged performance of enharmonic madrigals by Michelangelo Rossi and Sigismondo d'India. With Domus Artis (vocal ensemble), Johannes Keller (arciorgano) and Michael Kleine (staging). 

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