Studio31 is an association based in Basel, Switzerland. From 2015 to 2017, the Hochschule für Musik Basel and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis hosted a research project, funded by CTI with the name Studio31. In this research project, the core team Johannes Keller (musician), Martin Kirnbauer (musicologist) and Caspar Johannes Walter (composer) prepared the reconstruction of the two renaissance keyboard instruments arciorgano and clavemusicum omnitonum with 36 and 31 keys per octave. In collaboration with instrument builders Fleig Orgelbau and Krebs Cembalobau, the research team built the two instruments that are currently in the possession of the Musik-Akademie Basel. 

The association, founded in 2017 by Johannes Keller, Martin Kirnbauer and Caspar Johannes Walter, uses the research output for artistic productions and performances. In collaboration with international musicians and specialists, Studio31 offers a unique blend of artistic and scientific resources for a highly sophisticated approach to expanded tonal systems and instruments.